In steps #3 and #4, I’ll be sharing with you exactly how you can get people to see your Video Sales Letter.

You can start by doing this by using organic, low-cost, or paid traffic to generate leads. When you start winning clients, reinvest some of your profit and scale up your paid advertising to attract more clients.

These strategies are not just theory, they are the exact same strategies I’ve used for my own business and my clients, to get predictable leads and sales appointments each month on autopilot.

So, let me show you how it all works in steps #3 and #4.

This part is extremely important so make sure you take notes on the next few steps because I don’t want you to miss anything. This is going to be how you are going to be able to get leads to book appointments with you so you can generate more clients.

So let’s start with step #3. Step #3 is to create a funnel that is specifically engineered to get sales appointments. You want to take your leads from their initial point A, which is them being a stranger, to point B, which is them being a client.

To do that you need a funnel to help your leads navigate from becoming a stranger to becoming a client. This funnel is a way for you to take people who have never heard about you before to people that are actually interested and want to become your clients.

So, what exactly is a funnel?

You’ve probably heard this word used hundreds and hundreds of times before by now.

Put simply, my definition of a funnel, it’s a way to get people to take a specific set of actions to reach your ultimate goal. If your goals are to get more clients, then you need to get more appointments with a potential client. And to get more appointments, you need to get more high-quality leads. The more leads and appointments you get, the more clients you will win and you can see how this logically works and makes sense.

With a funnel, you want people to take a specific set of actions that will lead them to a high-quality sales appointment and then ultimately, a client. To do that successfully, you need the right funnel.

So you might be wondering, ok, what kind of funnel do you need to create to actually generate leads, appointments, and clients?

There are hundreds of different marketing funnels that are out there these days that you can use. It can be very confusing to know where to even start and to know what the right funnel is for you. And if you create the wrong funnel for your business, then everything you have done, it just won’t work.

A lot of people think you also need 10 different funnels for 10 different services and for all the different things that you need to do. Instead, I believe that it’s better to focus on having ONE funnel, a really good funnel, and the right kind of a funnel and keep making improvements on that ONE funnel over the time to make it better.

 But it still doesn’t answer the question, what is the right funnel for you to get predictable high-quality sales appointments every single month.

Well, let me show you exactly what this funnel looks like. By the way, if you don’t yet have this funnel in your business, it means there’s a huge opportunity for growth. Because, if you have a website and you have struggled to generate leads in the past, then by adding this one funnel to your website or existing lead generation strategy, you will be able to dramatically increase your results. Even if you’re not doing any marketing right now, this one funnel that you do is going to really help you start taking strangers to leads, to appointments, and to clients.

You’ll see how having a funnel-like this in your business not only makes complete logical sense, but you’ll see exactly how it can dramatically increase your results very, very quickly.

So the big question, what does this funnel look like?

So let me show you step by step every single page with the funnels and you can see how it all looks and how it all works.

Let’s start with the first page. The first page is the landing page or opt-in page. This is the page where you have a big title that talks about the problem that you solve for your clients or your potential clients. And then you have a few bullet points about what they will learn when they watch a free video presentation about how you solve this problem. Also, you need to include a big visible button asking your visitors to take action now.

And then when they click in the button, they enter their contact details to get access to the video, and then they are redirected automatically to your Video Sales Letter page. On the video page, that’s where you have your 5 to 10 minutes Video Sales Letter about how you solve their problem for your clients. At the end of the video, you tell them if they want to learn more, click on another button to schedule a call. Once they click on that, they have then redirected to the schedule a call page. On this page, that’s where they can go and choose a time inside of your calendar and pick a time without going back and forth figuring out when you are free, when are they free. They can just pick a time straight in your calendar to speak to you and then as soon as they have done that, their appointment is actually booked in, it’s booked straight into your calendar without you having to do anything else.

Once they have done that, you redirect the lead or the prospect into the Application Page. The Application Page is just a page where you ask them a few more questions about their business to find out a little bit more so you can prequalify them and make sure that they are definitely the right fit before working with you and also so you can prepare a little bit more before you jump into the appointment and help them out in the best way possible.

Then they are finally redirected automatically to the Confirmation or Thank You Page. On this page, it basically says that everything is confirmed and also gives them some additional resources so while they are waiting for the appointment, they can learn a little bit more about you, your business, and how you can help them solve their problems.

So that’s pretty much what you need to do and what the funnel looks like.

Having a funnel is pointless if no one actually sees it. Again, you can have the best funnel out there but, if no one sees it, then it’s pointless.

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