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We bow down to our clients. Without them, we wouldn’t have the great team , and perception that we have. All of our success came from all small businesses that rely their valuable assets on our expert’s hands.  Every project has an amazing organization to get the job done right in time.

Flowers Paradigm is the inspiring idea here in InsideTrending, a project management method of assigning the roles of Madman, Architect, Carpenter, and Judge to the creative process of writing. At InsideTrending, we have developed a fifth step concept: The channel.

Our unique approach management system allows us to deliver the product faster without sacrificing quality.


The Madman let our thoughts run wild, making sure to express creativity in higher standards without filtering and judging. At this brainstorming session, our innovative experts within the InsideTrending organization begin to imagine the unforgettable brand for the client – conceptualizing thoughts, creating solutions, and unique perception to our client’s challenges.

The Madman puts together ideas, jotting them all down, in whatever order they come in mind without stooping for more research. Our internal team uses all capabilities ingenuity to encourage boldness in our solutions.

The Madman make sure throughout the project to understand the client’s goals and expectations and crate a strategy that is just good enough to work. The concept here is making a difference for our client and solve the big problems that need out-of-the-box thinking.

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The Architect organize the Madman’s crazy ideas and formulates a structure for the the plan to work. The Architects at InsideTrending consist on creating strategies workflow order that are required for the project.

The project workflow order includes different perspectives of our digital marketing process, beginning with the website’s user experience, the design, SEO preparation, PPC preparation, and ensure that ads are reaching the right person.
The Architect converts the Madman’s powerful ideas more understandable so our execution can return the project to life. Once the Architect has set in place the workflow order strategy, then it takes place another process: our Carpenters.


Carpenters must take the architect’s workflow process and creating something out with an eye for perfection. From the outline of the project to the specific details that are needed to get done, our Carpenters begin building the process according to their workflow. The Carpenters develop the websites, create the text, add the SEO tags, design the digital ads, give ideas to the blueprint that may be spiked by others- all with the client requirements in mind. The Carpenters make the first draft and create as much as they can without judging to establish a solid workflow project to the client’s needs and satisfaction. The best Carpenters are those who require a judgment in their workflow process and this is the next step in our project supervision. The Judge.

Case Studies
Case Studies


The moment of the Judge to go to work has come. He has to check broken pages, revise the quality of the content, edit and rearrange repetitive words, polish and perfect grammar and misspellings on the creative content. Inspecting the Carpenter’s workflow for any loose bolts or screws throughout the project. Because Insidetrending aims for perfection, the Judge is an important process before any project is introduced to a customer. With the Judge step, we make sure that the workflow process has increased efficiency, and produces a higher achievement on our outputs and services. The Judge’s blueprints are reported back to the Carpenters for improvement before they can be sent to the Channel. 

The Channel

The Channel is the last step of our project management workflow. The Channel is responsible for taking each of the steps in the project and make an overview about quality overall. Then reports them back to the Team elaborating every point of the project. After making sure that everything is in perfect place, make an appointment with the client and explaining the workflow management. As a digital marketing firm, we have a responsibility in all steps of the process. This includes communication with clients. Perfect reporting and friendly behavior is a must. The Channel, is the most important part of our workflow, making communication bridges with clients and our organized projects, correct errors that may not be visible, and issues that should have been resolved the first time. Each project has its dedicated Channel because every project at InsideTrending is important, regardless of the volume. The better the communication at our agency and with our clients, the better the end result of the product.

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