I’m not talking about Google Ads or anything like that. I’m talking about generating leads on Google organically (for free). With Google, you can generate leads with people that are searching for your services right now in real-time.

It all sounds great but, how does it all work?

Obviously there’s so much I can cover but I’ll give you two of my biggest tips for generation leads on Google.

Now, tip #1 is to create content on your website or on your blog that answers your questions your potential clients have. That is really important.

How many times have you been on a sales call and you’ve been asked the same question by a prospect again and again?


How many times have you been speaking to a client and you have been asked the same question?

Chances are if a client or a prospect is asking you a question, there are also other people searching for the answer to that same question online. So all you need to do is answer that question on a page or blog post on your website.

For example, one of the most common questions I get asked is “How can I target business owners on Facebook Ads?”

A lot of people think that you can target business owners on LinkedIn. So, I created a blog post called “How to target business owners on Facebook Ads” which is currently ranked #1 for that term. I currently get 2,000+ unique visitors each month from Google to this one blog post alone. This is just one blog post out of the hundreds of blog posts that I’ve written.

All I’m doing is answering questions that I get from prospects or clients over time. Whenever I get a question, I write it down and then I answer it somewhere on my website. So the next time you’re asked a question, write it down and then answer it somewhere on your website so that when someone is searching for that answer to this question on Google they can find you and your website and learn more about how you can help them.

My second tip to generating leads on Google is to actually optimize your content to generate leads. I see so many people creating content because other people say “you need to create lots of content”. Yet, these people get 0 or very few leads from their content.

Why is that? It’s because they haven’t optimized their content for lead generation. They are just giving away lots and lots of free value without actually getting anything in return. So you need to do both. You need to give away some free educational content but you also need to get something in return. What you need to get in return is LEADS. That’s what you should be optimizing your content for.

In other words, in your content and your website you need to have a way of generating leads. The best way you can do this is by sending people to your marketing and sales funnel from your content. So all throughout your website and any content your create, send people to the funnel I told you in step 3 of this video. This is very important. Don’t just create content and then do nothing with it. If you do that, people will consume your content and then leave your website and forget about you. You need to have content and send people that consume this content to your funnel. And that’s how you start to generate leads and how you get appointments and how you get clients.

The more people that go to your funnel, then the more sales appointments and clients you can win. I go through a lot more in detail on how to generate leads organically in my sales accelerator training program.

So, can you see the potential of generating leads with Google organically?

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