We’ve only just scratched the surface of what you can do to generate leads. Here’s the really exciting part. Once you have a proof of concept on LinkedIn or even on Google, you can transfer what you’ve been doing over to Facebook Ads or Google AdWords to get as many appointments as you like on demand.

Your only limitation with this concept is your time and your target audience. The best thing about Facebook Ads and Google AdWords is that they can be fully automated and they are a lot more scalable than LinkedIn and Google.

With Facebook Ads and Google AdWords you basically pay for a lead and an appointment. So in my business for example, I pay Facebook or Google $5 for a lead and $50 for a booked sales appointment. The price goes up and down a little bit, but more or less on average that’s what I pay for a lead and a sales appointment with Facebook or Google.

After a week of running a campaign for your own business, Facebook and Google will give you your cost per lead and cost per appointment. Your cost per appointment can range anywhere from $30 on the low end and up to $300 on the high end, again depending on your industry, competition, location etc.

Now here’s the really powerful thing about Google and Facebook Ads. Once Facebook and Google tell you how much your cost per appointment is, you can decide exactly how many sales appointments you want every month. So, if your cost per appointment is $50, like in my case, to get 10 appointments you pay Facebook or Google $500.

You can actually choose exactly how many appointments you want each month and on demand. A lot of companies with charge you $50 to $300 for a shared lead on its own. Now what I’m talking about is getting a booked sales appointment exclusively for you with someone expecting your phone call. Can you start to see now the potential of scaling up using Google AdWords or Facebook Ads to get as many appointments as you like each month?

Now at this point, usually people ask me “If Facebook and Google are so great (which they are), can I just skip LinkedIn & Google and go straight to Facebook or Google Ads?

The answer is yes you can, but is it a good idea?

That will depend on what stage your business is in. Remember, Facebook and Google ads are better at generating leads than LinkedIn, but they cost money. To get a proof of concept on Facebook Ads, you’ll need to have at least one to two thousand dollars to test which ads work best. If that’s not a problem for you, then great, you can start testing on Facebook and Google Ads first. And then you can scale up when you’ve finished the testing phase and found the best performing ads.

Otherwise, if your business has a small budget, it will be better to start with Organic Client Attraction Strategies first and get a proof of concept. Then you can use some of the money from clients that you win organically to reinvest that in Facebook and Google Ads later on.

So you can start to see the potential of generating leads no matter your budget or what stage of your business you’re in?

No matter if you have a small budget or a lot of budget, you can start generating leads right now. There’s no excuses for not generating leads, appointments and clients.

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