Imagine having a salesperson speaking to leads anytime, any day – 24/7. That’s basically what a Video Sales Letter allows you to do. It’s a fully automated way to build trust, show value, and educate potential clients and get them to schedule an appointment with you to learn more.

I really mean it when I say this is a fully automated way to get people booking appointments with you. Over the course of this weekend, we got book six new sales appointments, again, over the weekend, all thanks to a Video Sales Letter.

Because they watch a video sales letter that explained how we can actually help solve a problem that they have and then we told them at the end of that Video Sales Letter to schedule an appointment, we were able to get 6 new appointments over the weekend. I don’t speak to people on the weekend but the Video Sales Letter allows me to get high-quality appointments with prospects that are interested in working with me all thanks to this automated way of building trust with leads and getting them to book appointments, and it’s all thanks to a Video Sales Letter.

You might be wonder at this point, how can you create a Video Sales Letter?

When you are creating a Video Sales Letter it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you don’t need to be on a camera, you don’t need to buy any expensive video and recording equipment and you don’t need to hire a video production company.

You just need to create a very simple PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. In that presentation, you need to just explain in 5 to 10 minutes how you can help solve your client’s biggest problem. And the end of the video, if they want to learn more, give them the opportunity to schedule a call with you.

That’s all you need to do. Just a 5 to a 10-minute video presentation and then a call to action below that presentation or video asking your viewers to take action and book an appointment with you.

People tell me all the time that they try Facebook Ads, they have tried LinkedIn and anything else out there and it just hasn’t worked for them to get any results.

They try to send visitors on their home page, contact page, or straight to a phone call without building up any trust through these Video Sales Letters.

The reason they haven’t got any results is that their visitor doesn’t know, like, or trust them yet. One of the best ways to build trust is to provide free educational content in the form of a video. You can use an eBook or a piece of PDF file but if your goals are to get high-quality sales appointments and leads, it must be a video.

A video sales letter is going to massively improve the results that you get. So you need to have a video presentation that builds trust first before you speak to a potential client, that’s the key point here.

Now think about it, if someone watches a 5 to a 10-minute video about how you can help them, do you think that this person is going to be a better quality prospect vs someone that doesn’t watch your video of how you can help them?

Of course, the quality of someone that watches a video is going to be much higher and that’s why when most people generate leads without a Video Sales Letter, the lead quality is extremely low. And that’s one of the biggest problems that people who generate leads talk about is that the quality is so low and these same people do not have a Video Sales Letter.

So many people complain about lead quality and the quality is bad because you haven’t built trust and positioned yourself in the right way. When done correctly, a video sales letter is going to get leads and prospects chasing you, rather than you chasing them.

I will show you how this works in more detail in Step #3 including all the different ways people go from strangers to a lead, an appointment, and then a client.

Now the last thing I wanted to mention about a Video Sales Letter is because the quality of prospects you speak to will be much higher once they have watched a Video Sales Letter, you don’t waste time speaking to the wrong kind of people. You only speak to people that are serious about working with you.

Why is this?

The reason is that with a Video Sales Letter, they will understand what it is that you do, how you can help them and they are the ones that are going to be reaching out to work with you. It completely changes the dynamics and it helps you get a higher conversion rate when you are speaking to them on the phone.

Now, as powerful as a video sales letter is, on its own, it’s still won’t work. You need a way for people to go to your video sales letter and actually see it in the first place. Then, you need a way for people to schedule a call with you after watching it.

You could have the best Video Sales Letter in the world, but if no one sees it, it’s pointless. So, how can you get more potential clients to see your video sales letter?

In steps #3 and #4, I’ll be sharing with you exactly how you can get people to see your Video Sales Letter.

You can start by doing this by using organic, low-cost, or paid traffic to generate leads. When you start winning clients, reinvest some of your profit and scale up your paid advertising to attract more clients.

These strategies are not just theory, they are the exact same strategies I’ve used for my own business and my clients, to get predictable leads and sales appointments each month on autopilot.

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