Maintenance Plans

Gain total peace of mind and enlist a team of Inside Trending experts to take care of your online store’s monthly maintenance and support needs. Work hand in hand with a project manager and developers to successfully run your site.

Hire A Team Of Inside WooCommerce To Support And Maintain Your Online Store

WooCommerce stores are complex websites with a lot of moving parts, including a set checkout flow, sales funnels, product catalogs, and more. When your online store is your primary outlet for business, a single performance flaw or security breach can end up costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Our team is here to ensure that everything is in top shape for you, so you can focus on growing your business.

Your Website's

Is Our Priority

Your Website's

Is Our Priority

We’re dedicated to keeping your website healthy, whether it’s securing your site from hack attempts or optimizing performance to keep page loading times at a minimum. We do all the work so you don’t have to. We can update your Inside Trending plugins and WordPress without any fuss, and we’ll even take care of your site backups.

Our WooCommerce Maintenance Services

Security Optimization

A healthy website is a secure one. We’re always on the lookout for any security threats that might affect your site. If we find any vulnerabilities, we’ll fix them for you as soon as possible. With our thorough security evaluation process, malware cleanups and routine scans you’ll be able to keep your peace of mind.

WordPress And Plugin Updates

Don’t worry about updates. We take care of all the technical updates for your site — with managed updates for the WordPress core, theme, and plugins. We take every caution during our updating process to ensure that your online store is running smoothly today and tomorrow.

Custom Code Monitoring

Whether it was us or another developer who wrote the custom code on your online store, we will always monitor it to make sure it doesn’t cause any issues.

WooCommerce And
WordPress Consultation

Enlist our team of WooCommerce experts for suggesting the best-suited add-ons, plugins, 3rd party apps and workflows for your site (12 hours / year).

Speed Optimization

Website speed is essential to SEO and delivering a pleasant shopping experience to your customers. With the WooCommerce Inside Trending by your side, your store never has to suffer from slow website speeds or downtime due to system errors.

Website Backups

We automatically back up your site at regular intervals, so if anything goes wrong, we can restore it quickly. This way you can take a deep breath and relax.

Performance Module

We automatically back up your site at regular intervals, so if anything goes wrong, we can restore it quickly. This way you can take a deep breath and relax.

Our Maintenance Plans


Getting Started
$ 129 Monthly
  • Website Security
  • Website Speed
  • Updates
  • Custom Code Monitoring
  • Backups
  • Video and File Upload


Improve and Growe
$ 199 Monthly
  • Includes: All services from
    Explorer Plan
  • Hosting and Scaling consultation
    (6 hours /year)
  • Customization consultation
    (6 hours /year)
  • Design. Products design/category design/single product design
    (1 hour /month or 12 /year)


$ 499 Monthly
  • Includes: All services from Hiker Plan
  • Coding work > 2 hours of coding work
    (2 hours /month or 24 hours /year, hours can be clubbed together under annual plans)

We Provide Complete Peace Of Mind

Inside Trending is a team of dedicated WooCommerce development professionals that help keep your e-commerce
website running as smoothly as possible. We make sure your website is backed up, secure, and optimized.

Additional Modules For Your Maintenance Plan

LMS Module

  • We’ll handpick an LMS for your site.

  • We’ll configure your LMS of choice.

  • We’ll help you monetize your elearning site using WooCommerce.

  • We’ll help you select and implement the perfect plugin stack to build your online course.
  • Checkout Flow Optimization Module

  • We’ll design a simple, user-friendly checkout flow for your site.

  • We’ll configure your site to support as many currencies as your customers require.

  • We’ll implement cart abandonment, upsell and cross-selling solutions on your eCommerce to help you maximize your sales.

  • We’ll help you configure payment gateways on your site, guaranteeing your online transactions will be processed smoothly each time.
  • Membership Module

  • We’ll handpick a membership solution for your site.

  • We’ll configure your membership plugin of choice.

  • We’ll help you monetize your memership site using WooCommerce.
  • Custom Development Work

  • Add a number of custom development hours each month and have expert WooCommerce developers tweak your site according to your needs.

  • Looking for a specific e-commerce feature you can’t find elsewhere? We’ll develop it for you.
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